Kunstwerkstätte für Böhmflötenbau

Ringstraße 23/1, 73113 Ottenbach, Germany

Wooden flute

After a long period of sovereignty, then cloaked in oblivion and subsequently, surprisingly granted a new lease on life, rediscovered, wooden flutes have now a firm place in our hearts and hands.

Previously gathered experience, combined with new knowledge have enabled us to create sonic masterpieces.


Rare woods, decades-old and meticulously chosen, are the foundation for the full, warm sound

of the modern wooden flute.

In matters of intonation, the modern wooden flute is fully the equal of the modern metal flute, owing to the placement of the tone holes.


A fine silver mechanism joined by hand to the wooden tube matches the precision and ease of the metal flute.

The pleasure of playing is

thus totally uncomplicated.